Nicola Loizou

BTCM (SITCM), DipCCM, Adv.Cert.InternalMedAcu (China), CMBA, ANTA
Nicola graduated from the 5-year full time Bachelor course at the Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has undertaken official internships with two of Sydney’s most renowned physicians. She has spent 4 years as an intern of Daniel Deng and 3 years as an intern of David White, which has provided her with valuable experience in treating a vast array of conditions. As part of her studies Nicola spent time as an intern in the Guangzhou City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China where she trained in the dermatology, paediatrics, gynaecology, oncology and internal medicine departments.

From a young age Nicola has had an interest in how plant medicine and massage worked to heal the body and would spend her spare time reading about anatomy and herbal medicine. Nicola discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine while living and working in the Netherlands. She took the leap and enrolled for the first semester and during the first lecture found herself passionately enthralled wanting to know more. Nicola realised it was the system of medicine she had been looking to study for many years. From the outset, Nicola found a deep appreciation for the guidance of classical texts of Chinese medicine and has spent much time devoted to understanding and studying these vital texts to further her knowledge and understanding of the human body, nature and their interactions.
Nicola believes that helping and supporting one another on our individual journeys is one of life’s most rewarding values. Nicola understands that life is experienced so differently by each individual and living from a place of open heartedness is vital to stay true to ones self. She feels that part of a meaningful life are the gifts we can bring to each person we encounter.
Nicola is passionate about Classical Chinese medicine and spends may hours of her free time studying the ancient classical texts of the Han Dynasty to better her knowledge of the medicine. Nicola also loves to create fibre art (Knitting, spinning, crocheting and quilting if you are wondering) and to spend time nurturing her garden, which is full of fruit trees, flowers and herbs.
Nicola enjoys general practice and has had specialised training in gynaecology and fertility, complex chronic and autoimmune diseases, cancer support and musculoskeletal conditions. Nicola understands that no two people are the same and works diligently to tailor treatments to your individual and specific needs, with a focus on prevention and dietary understanding. Her goal is to create a partnership in a patient’s healthcare in which the individual must truly feel that they play an important role on their path to good health.

Optimal health through the wisdom of Qi